World of Padman

World of Padman

1.6 for Ubuntu
World of Padman Team


Architecture: i386

There are dozens of first-time group-makers formed in the battlefield when others try to stand for their basic things.

A good example is the Padma World, which is free and in addition to cross-platform, present a different theme from other games of the genre.

In the world of Padman, you take huge lengths of giant pants instead of bullets or projects.

What? Depending on your favorite game: Spray your color, where you have to draw your own logo in special rooms, big balloons, where we have a balloon with the specific features and the last pad standings, the classic everyone battles for themselves.

You can play online paddman with other players, or, if you want, you can fight against the computer. 

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License Version Developer
Free 1.6 for Ubuntu World of Padman Team


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