2010.07.28 for Ubuntu
The Sauerbraten Team


Distribution: [url = http: //] Ubuntu 10.10 [/ url]

Architecture: I 386

Though there are many ideas for many websites and internet forums, there is no game in Linux, but the fact is that the number of games available for the operating system is available free of charge.

Sauerbraten is a first-person, open source code game in GNU / Linux game that deals with the great animals.

Surprisingly, despite being a complete free game, both the levels and the characters that play are good quality.

It's a single player mode and multiplayer, where you can play with people around the world.

If you refrain from games like Sertive or Sudoku and want to leave some Adrenaline, then a great option to consider Surebratane is. 

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OpenSource 2010.07.28 for Ubuntu The Sauerbraten Team


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