4.8.2 for Ubuntu
Andreas Nicolai
Learn to write much faster with your keyboard

Written with a keyboard is something that can do all these days. Yet, there are more ways to do this. One of them through training.

KTouch is a free and open code application that will help you write faster with your keyboard in simple text.

The dynamics of each lesson are so easy that even a child can understand them. This app is enough to write the characters you see. When you are writing with high speed, you will see that every line of time it is reduced to write.

There are fifteen different difficulty levels. Each of them will be displayed on screen and increase the number of complexity of the words.

In addition, the lessons are fully customizable thanks to the integrated editor in the program, with which you can freely select the difficulty.

This makes kitch all an interesting application

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OpenSource 4.8.2 for Ubuntu Andreas Nicolai


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