3.4.1 for Ubuntu
The GNOME Project
The text editor par excellence for GNOME

Gedit text editor that is included in the GNOME desktop. For example, it is offered as a free and open-source program.

This text editing application has stood above everyone else for its simplicity and ease of use. Like Notepad, its replica center on Windows, Gedit does not add much to the decoration path to its touch interface.

However, it is not recommended that the program provide more functionality without the need to save and save text files.

Without running it very much, Gedit is a powerful programming tool that supports written text for many programming languages ??such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML, C, Java or Python.

This program provides some support for writing code, such as a line indicator, auto indentation, regular margins, line highlighting and color themes for text.

And if this is not enough, the GDT offers additional features through its add-ons (plugins), some of which are already in the program, others can be downloaded and easily added to the program. 

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OpenSource 3.4.1 for Ubuntu The GNOME Project


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