1.7 (64-bit) for Ubuntu
Adobe Systems

One of the important tools you need to do in web development is to connect between design and implementation. Brackets This path created by HTML, CSS and JavaScript editors goes down, offering tools that facilitate the process of developing advanced web pages using the graphic editor and its programming language being used in translation.

This open source tool has a very straightforward interface, such as automatic code detection and writing support, as well as marking bleeding and color-coding segments. You can insert all elements found in your project work into a tree diagram that integrates all the code files and visual elements to create the website you created.

One of the most striking features is the dynamic preview mode, where you can see the results of editing your source code in the source code in the web browser. Also, using its third-party extension, its features can be extensively expanded. Extract one of them, brackets, comes in predefined mode and lets you export format data from Photoshop to PSD files, although for this you need to sign up for Adobe Account.

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Free 1.7 (64-bit) for Ubuntu Adobe Systems


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