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Shazam Enterntainment

Shazam is an excellent app that helps you find out every song title you're listening to it at that moment.


All you have to do is keep your Android phone close to the source of the word and wait for about five seconds to process the song. Right after, and without the need to stay silent, the program will tell you the exact title of the song you are listening to.


The program database recognizes Frank Sinatra or Spice Girls' song from Kanye West. Nothing or almost everything escapes from the app, thanks to its huge music database.


Shazam is quite useful for music lovers because you often find yourself in a situation where you hear a song which you do not know. So with a simple movement, you put your phone around the source of the sound to find the title of the song and hear it as much as you want.

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The digital music revolution has meant that we collect less and less physical albums each year collectively. Everything is his advantage and difficulty when I have a CD in my hand when I listen to one song one of the most enjoyable songs when reading songs. Whether I end up singing my own head or just singing myself, every drop of the insert of the CD is something that I have accomplished all my life.

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