Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

11.446.24 for Android
Crush enemies and lead your clan to glory

Clash of Clans is a management RTS. Here you are a village where your member of the fearless clan lives. Then send them in the world to show their courage and face the mission to destroy the enemy camp.

Two divided into two completely different stages, you have to start by building the construction and renting citizens (yes, you have to give them). After, get in the real-time strategy battle where you show off your skills.

With ten different types of units, you create your strategy by earning experience and money. The defense system will also have to be built for your city, and if you expect to encounter the cruelty of the enemy attack, it is very important.

Given its viral success, the clans' clash is a lot more unique than the classic management strategy gameplay that might be presumably likely at the start of a very delightful game. In addition, it is completely free and fully optimized for Android.
By the Iraqi Okumira
The best list of available clans in 2018
2012 was a perfect year thanks to Clans of Clans's mobile video songs. Superclacks were knocked out, and an ongoing success, which is what a mobile video game could do, blowing hopes of anyone's past. Clans of Clash's strategy and management have created a new style of videogame that has been copied more frequently than it was counted since. With this thought, we've kept a list of the best clash of clans alternatives we've released since 2018.
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Mobile Games Winner Announces Winner of 2018
Returning to November, the official award for the first version of the 2014 Mobile Games is released by Pocket Gamers for nominees, Android and iOS Games. The winners were announced on the 23rd of January officially and we have listed the following results.
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New games for bralon stars clones
Supercell, the creators of the popular Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, came back to the news about the bomb blasts. They are developing a new video game named Braul Star. The company already has different titles under its belt, but Clash Royale's success has led them to run this line - and it's not better than with a MOBA.

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Free 11.446.24 for Android Supercell


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