Whatsapp Beta Updater

Whatsapp Beta Updater

Javier S.

Whatsapp Beta Update is an Android app that you can download WiFax updates and get newer versions before they are officially released on the developer's site.


Released versions of Google Play are generally older than those released on the site, so the only way to get the beta version is to get the most recent benefits. This application will prompt you for publishing dates for new changes and also check the version installed on your device. In this way, you know what your version is currently, and you will notice in the notification bar when a new version becomes available.


Even if the version installed on your device is not the latest, you can download it with one tap from this application. Wait for installation to complete. If you do not want to check the application to see if any changes have been made, you can select an option so that the app automatically notifies you when a new version is published.

By Raul Rosso

How To Update Whatsapp Update Beta Before Others

There are two levels of WhatsApp update: There are updates coming out on Google Play on one side and the other is a new version of beta posted on its official website a week ago. Now a developer has discovered the latest beta update (2.12.416) that Facebook is going to share WhatsApp information to share information and to verify messaging through a new end-to-end encryption system. This is exactly the developer who created an app automatically let you know when a new official version shows the beta channel of WhatsApp.

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