BMI Calculator – Weight Loss

BMI Calculator – Weight Loss


If you are worried you have earned a few pounds and are thinking of starting a diet (or the current one), then it is essential to calculate your BMI and find your ideal weight.


BMI calculator is an easy android application that lets you calculate the ratio of your body mass, body fat percentage, and height to the waist, and your calorie consumption.


If you want to find out your body mass index, this application will ask about your age, height and weight, then gives you the weight gain results by sharing your weight with your height class.


Meanwhile, for your body fat percentage it will get your body fat and share it with your height and your total weight by the scope of your waist, neck and hips.


With the cost of calorie consumption, BMI calculator will be added to the internal heat produced (basic metabolic rate) and extrusion (physical activity level) work.


Do not play with your health by launching overboard with dyeing and exercise; Please verify your ideal weight with this simple application.

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