Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger



Requires Android 2.0.1 or above

Yahoo Messenger is an IM app developed by Yahoo that lets you send text and voice messages to your Yahoo contacts. It is important to remember that you must have an active Yahoo account to use the app.


Users can connect a Yahoo user to their account and contact them using the application. In this conversation, along with sending text messages, you can send photos and videos (as long as you have the right plugin).


While some users may find it annoying for additional plug-ins for sending files, however, remember that Yahoo Messenger gets less than 4 MB of space on your device's memory, in other words, one of its shortest instant messaging tools.


Yahoo Messenger is an instant messenger app with its professional and cons. On one hand, it is light and it is easily flowing; On the other hand, its interface is old-fashioned and not very intuitive. Another problem is that it is not a big user base ... or especially user-friendly registration process.


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Free 2.11.0 Yahoo