iFont (Expert of Fonts)

iFont (Expert of Fonts)



Requires Android 2.3 or higher

IFont (font expert) is an application to change your Android font. You can choose from more than 100 fonts that you can download in just a few seconds.


You can check the most downloaded fonts from the main window in IFont, and choose the best choice for your device. You can search for any specific font.


It is important to remember that depending on the model of your device, you may not be able to change the font. If you have a Samsung, XiaoMi (MIUI), Meizu, or Huawei, you can change the font without problems. On the other hand, if your Android is an HTC, Sony, or Motorola, then you have to root it first (there are several applications to do this at Uptodown).


IFont (font expert) is a powerful customization application. It lets you make changes to one of the most important components of your device, its font.

How To Change Your Android Fonts

It does not appear to be a big deal, but it is a fact that many users decide to change the default font displayed on the menu of their mobile devices. This is automatically possible based on the manufacturer and version of Android, which you use automatically. If not, there are a few ways to change the menu font on your smartphone or tablet, whether using GO Launcher EX or installing the iFont application.

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