Create shortcuts to make it easier to access your apps

QuickShortcutMaker is a very simple application that offers its name: Creates shortcuts on your Android device's desktop. You can also create shortcuts and processes and activities for apps. This is a shortcut to WhatsApp as easily as you can create a shortcut to an operating system that you usually do not have easy access to


One of QuickShortcutMaker's power is that it lets you customize your shortcuts. You can choose the shortcut name as the icon, if you choose it then the shortcut mask makes it easy.

QuickShortcutMaker is an application that offers you more than just showing at first glance. Ideal for quick access to your app menus and settings.
By the Iraqi Okumira

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Create your own custom shortcuts with QuickShortcutMaker

An app like QuickShortcutMaker will tell you about the need to know how useful it is now how it is made in the top 25 most downloaded applications at Uptodown. It's super easy to dot: This free tool allows you to create shortcuts on your Android home screen, not only in the app but also in the system services, plus customize the name and icon for everyone so everything is exactly how you like.

Requires Android 1.6 or higher   


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