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Google email service on your Android device

Gmail is the official email application for Google e-mail client that lets you manage your email account (and for any other account) so that you can use a clean and user-friendly interface.


The first goal of users is that, along with your regular email account, you can also connect other accounts to the app. Thanks to this feature you will be able to get your emails in a single place, without contacting any other email manager.


Gmail's interface is similar to the desktop browser client that is already using almost all users: In the left column you have different tags and categories, you can read all your emails in the center of the screen. Gmail's intelligent management system also separates these two promotions from social email, and from truly important emails.


Thank you for all the widgets installed in the Gmail app, you can monitor the email tags on the main screen of your device, or you can see your latest email (and answer them if you like).


Gmail's official application, like its desktop version, must be a must for a regular Android user. May be a good way of managing your email from a mobile device, but it will not be easy to find them.

How to make the space empty in your Google account

A few years ago Google integrated 15GB of free space so that it could be supplied in the cloud distributed on Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos. The problem is that when you come to a point where you do not know exactly where you're saving things in your personal documents, backups, and trash items. For this reason, we've assembled the list of tips to free up space on your Google Account.

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Gmail is the last app to get GIF support for GG

Gboard is slugging in a slow process of adding new applications that can use GIF with virtual keyboards, and this amazing add-on has only created in Gmail. It seems amazing that such a popular function has taken so much time to rotate in Gmail - Even more so that brains behind both of Google's operations are considered. But there is no moment to complain. We all smile at this news

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Gmail attachments double the size - but not what you think

Tell the Gmail word and everyone knows you are talking about the most prominent email provider in the world. It's hard to find someone without a Gmail account - and even more considering that it works by syncing with Google's applications. Although the deal is, it is a bit weird that the size limit for this attachment is 25 MB, especially given that we are in 2017. Now there's something about Google. Although probably not what you expected.

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