Requires Android 2.3 or higher

Clowner is a launcher for an Android device that helps you customize the look of your phone and adds a few super-interesting features and widgets.


As with many other launchers, Cluncher comes with a custom theme, with its own wallpaper and round icon package. That said, you can also download additional customization packages from the application's own interface.


One of Klanner's most outstanding features is the option to use a quick gesture (to glow an area on the screen) to hide the application. This gives you one more tool in your privacy-protection tool box.


In the case of dancers, Klunnercher is a nice selection of clean and beautiful wallpapers and icons, from get-go-to-cool. In addition, its screen changes come with an easy 3D effect.


CLauncher could not be the most elegant or useful Android launch there, but it is definitely a contestant. Best part: It takes only 2 MB of your phone memory

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License Version Developer
Free 3.10.7 yoclauncher


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