Skype for Android


Requires Android 2.2 or higher

Skype is the official app of popular video calling program from Microsoft, thanks to sending and receiving text messages, making voice calls and even making video calls from Android phones, as long as you are connected to the Internet, WiFi or 3G).


Once you have installed Skype, you can contact any other user and you can contact more than 250 million subscribers today, who are you probably looking for? You can add a friend through a friend's email address in a matter of seconds.


Although there is no doubt about the best part of Skype, you can do more with this video from the official app. VoIP phone calls are the second most important tool, but you can send free text messages and attach emoticons, your own pictures, or any other type of file


Skype is a powerful and versatile communication tool which is supported by Microsoft, a monster, and for this, it certainly stands out thanks to its easy to use application and its polished interface, and the video call quality is as good as you have a decent internet connection .

Skype 8.0 offers a large fuselage of Android apps

Long ago Skype was the first to have a contact solution such as IM, VOIP, Sticker, Photo collage, as an "easy" video conferencing application, to try to name it. With the new 8.0 update, the social action is now more powerful than ever before, completely redesigned to all the menus and adds new features that make it even closer to competitors like TouchCat and Instagram.

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How to contact Clash Royale at Clan batlets

Because of the arrival of class royal clan batlets, we have changed the title of this blockbuster from SuperSpace. Although we have now added an element of action to a game team that is characterized by the cutthroat competition, this mode that we can now play as a companion to our daughter is available only temporarily but we still think that improving communication with your colleagues and thus It was a good idea to explain the different ways to avoid over and over.

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5 Android Apps for Mother's Day

Have you forgotten the day of mom - again? Celebration in more than 50 countries around the world, every Sunday in May: when you reach your mom. There are only 3 days left, so if you do not have some plans already, or if you can not be the person, we've come up with some options for you. Come on, you know he deserves recognition. Here's the list of your apps to celebrate them and they've been done all year long for you, from your Android

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