Tango Messenger

Tango Messenger



Requires Android 2.1 or higher.

The ango messenger is an instant messaging application that offers tons more features than the easiest instant messaging applications: voice messages, video calls, video games, social entertainment ...


Of course, the main feature of the ango messenger is text message. You can send free text messages to all your friends, and get their feedback on personalized chat windows. Naturally, you can create conversation groups so that you can exchange messages with several people at the same time.


The ango messenger lets you make video calls to your friends and contacts, even sending their voice messages. And you can send photos and other documents such as files.


Like the LINE and Kakawalk, Tony Messenger Video Games (separate, but free, available for download) includes that you can play with your friends.


Finally, Tango Messengers is a sort of Facebook wall that you can update with your status, pictures and more. And you can find new friends by searching for other users near your current location.


Tanny Messenger is a great alternative when it comes to instant messaging applications, especially because it offers more features than its main competitors - like all-powerful WhatsApp


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