Tumblr, the most popular 'blogging' moment's social network, has its own official app, which allows Android devices to perform many tasks from your iOS terminal.


In the possibilities included inside the app, in addition to text uploading, images, videos or music, you will take a picture directly from the Tumblr interface and upload it to your blog automatically.


In addition, the app will automatically detect who has a Tumblr account in your telephone agenda, you can not easily add them to the people you follow them ... or if their blogs do not interest you, of course.


You can write and reply to personal messages from the application's interface, or you can see the 'preferences' that you have given at any time.


Tumblr is a good application with some crises, but it allows users of this social network to attach it to the fourth hour a day. This is certainly not perfect, but it lets you manage your Tumblr in your comfort.


Tumblr now includes its app sticker and filter

So apparently there are new rules for all apps where the image plays a big role that they have all stickers, amirite? At least it looks like recent updates from WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger apps? The last big name to jump on this bandwagon is Tumblr: now you can enjoy sticker and filter from its Android app.


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