4Shared Premium

4Shared Premium

Bot Galaxy

An unofficial 4-shay client for cloud files uploaded by other users for uploading 4 Shared Premium Cloud files. And all of this is a clean and comfortable interface that's really easy to work on.


In order to use the application you will first need to register using an email, Facebook or Google account. Once inside, you can start creating a cloud folder where you can save any type of file: images, videos, songs, documents, etc.


The process of downloading files from 4 paid premiums is very easy. Just use the application's search field, a feature that will certainly help you find what you're looking for. And you can find a lot, 4 things in shadow.


4 Shared Premium is a fantastic 4shared client that lets you both download and upload virtually anything: PDF documents, videos, songs, series etc. Whatever you want, really

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Free 1.9 Bot Galaxy


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