µTorrent Beta

µTorrent Beta

Bittorrent Inc

Thanks to Torrent Beta - Official Android app from Torrent App, ?Torrent (uTorrent), we can now directly download any file from the server using programs from our smartphone.


There is no limitation on download speed of the app, allowing us to download any file at maximum speed allowed by our internet connection. For this reason, when we are connected to a strong WiFi network, we recommend using only the application, or else the minutes will be available to download the 3G data plan.


The applications are still in beta mode, so here and there may be problems, but generally we hope to expect exactly what is: a way we like with the look that dizzying speed and that disposition to our Androids directly ?Torrent


Torrent Beta - Torrent App is an essential application that wants to take advantage of their smart phones, you can use it to download a file virtually in a minute.

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License Version Developer
Free 5.0.4 Bittorrent Inc


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