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Nowadays, the general trend is the most popular among popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Forskair. There are other important social networks, its name is LinkedIn, although its goal is different from the rest.


If you are looking for a job it can help you and if you want to try to find something better, it will also be done.


This official Android app offers the same features as the LinkedIn website, which lets us update in resume, add companies we've already worked, add contacts, colleagues, former employees or supervisors, etc.


In addition to these social and labor components, the app shows loads related to the interests of our labor. To keep up to date, all we have to do is consult with the main page of the app.


LinkedIn is a very interesting application for an employee and in particular, for non-employees. If you are looking for employment, be part of this social network will definitely prove to be optimal.

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Free 4.1.180 LinkedIn Corp


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