Hornet Networks Limited


Requires Android 4.0 or higher

Hornet is a social network that can be viewed only in gay visitors. It's a brief, tinder or similar to a Badoo, but to meet other men's limits to remit its men.


One thing that sets the hacket apart from the same thing is that you do not need any account to view other people's profiles even to send their messages. However, if you combine a full profile, you get more attention by being associated with information and pictures.


Hornt has a powerful chat feature to interact with other users and send photos personally. Plus it's got a powerful search tool that lets you find people with a username or tag.


Horntant is a very useful application for male users to meet other people with same sex. Thanks to the powerful search tools, it should be super easy to find those who share your taste.


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License Version Developer
Free 4.2.0-2 Hornet Networks Limited


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