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Gender is a social network that brings together both lesbian and bisexual men who want to register them with full intellectual and anonymous information, without giving them any personal information or entering a profile with their confidential information.


This app uses the right location for every user, which makes it easy for people to find people close to them. In a general view, you can see how close a user is and who is online online at the moment.


You can filter your profiles according to specific values ??that help people who are close to your specific taste and preferences. In this way, you can only interact with people who are looking for a certain age, certain perspectives, or a specific type of relationship.


In each conversation you can insert text, pictures or exact location, or if you can block a user, once the chat starts with a person, it does not matter if you change the cities, so you can chat with them so you can chat with them. , How far you are from them plus, private chat, you install through other communication, Apon More privacy and no adult content, without limitation, can send photos.


In more than 190 countries and more than 70 million people have been registered, Grindor is the world's largest social network for gay, bisexual and hero-weird men. This tool is easy to communicate between two people anywhere in the world and is truly accessible for anyone to use.

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