Puffin Web Browser Free

Puffin Web Browser Free


Requires Android 2.3 or higher

Pofin Web browser is a free internet browser with its main strengths, compared to competing applications for Android, the speed of the flash and the excellent support that comes with it. It is right: with this browser, you can play flash pages (or games).


This means that you can watch any video or play a flash game directly from your browser. The only accident is that, depending on the website, the device may get a slight reduction. But, it is certainly nothing.


Besides this very little contrast, Pofin is a very fast browser with the option to block a good tab system and pop-ups automatically free of web browsers. It includes a keyboard, mouse, and virtual gamepad so you can take full advantage of your ability to play flash games. Click the corresponding button and activate it at the bottom of the screen.


The Pofin Web browser is a great free browser, because Flash pages loaded (which includes multimedia elements) are an excellent feature for any Android user.


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