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UC Browser
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Requires Android 2.2 or higher

UC Browser is the choice of many internet browsers that you can find for Android. It's a simple interface, but it's more than just enjoying web surfing.


Some of the key features included are gesture controls that you can use to perform various tasks, ability to quickly change tabs, and search for voice commands.


In addition, the UC Browser offers a night mode so that you can browse without even having lots of lighting and spraying your eyes, it is often seen when you browse a lot in bed once. Apart from all this, there is a special supplement for Facebook, which helps you quickly and easily move to the social network.


Another interesting feature included in UC Browser is the incognito mode. Thanks in this browsing mode, like Chrome's Incognito Function, you can surf the internet without any razool.


UC Browser is a powerful browser and a set of features, but it does not cross the best browser for Android, such as Firefox, Chrome or Dolphin Browser. The latest updates, however, make it a tough choice.

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