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Google Duo

Google Inc.

Google Dual is an application that lets you make calls through video chat. It is extremely easy to use and amazing comfortable. To use it, though, you need to link the app to an actual phone number. Otherwise, you can not video chat with anyone.


The Google Dual interface is at the very least, since it is intuitive. And that's it!


In this way, you always know that you are making a call before you start a video call.


Google Duo strives to provide a Google video call service that is simple, fast and secure. And, that's exactly what Google offers users to do

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Google Dow is here to handle Android video calling

When Google comes to the supply of communication strategies, their strategy is in the middle of pivoting. The most interesting about this app is that it does not need to be linked to a Google Account, because you will need to type your physical phone number to access it. Tapping on people logging in to your address book from your phone's contacts app is the only way you can start calling. The call takers must must install the Duo on their phone.

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