Microsoft Word Preview

Microsoft Word Preview

16.0.11425.20132 for Android
Microsoft Corporation
Official Microsoft Word app for Android

Microsoft Word Preview is a special application for Android tablets that lets you create, edit, and of course see a document in Word format. With your Android device and with the perfect image quality


It is important to remember that Microsoft Word Preview has some important requirements. To use this, you will need a device on at least a 7-inch screen, which runs Android 4.4 or higher and has at least 1 GB of RAM. If your device does not meet any of these requirements you will not be able to use the app.


To edit text documents you need to register for the app. If you do not log in you can only open and view documents, but you can not edit them. But if you log in you'll have all the traditional Microsoft Word editing features in your disposal.


Microsoft Word Preview is a policy application whose main error is that it only works on a limited range of devices. While it works, though, it is a nice app.

How to use Microsoft Office on your Android device

How easy it is to be used on the Microsoft Office Android device It is certain that it is difficult for people to understand switching from their desktop to their smartphones. Even more so it comes to functionally locked desktop like sound processing. True, a smartphone is easy enough to connect with an external monitor or physical keyboard these days, and more portable and Requirements

Requires Android 4.4 or higher


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License Version Developer
Free 16.0.11425.20132 for Android Microsoft Corporation


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