Liam Cottle

Kyasaparati the Snapchat's an option for the client is the most important feature to find other users with pictures allows you to save, their minds without Snapchat to other users when their images take a screenshot tried, but your client with this problem.


Another interesting feature in Casper lets you send stories to other Snapchat users. If you really like sending a picture to a friend, you can forward it to your other friends. You can also add many stickers and filters to the image you take, and it's really easy.


Caspar's only problem is the identification process. Before you start using the app you will need to identify yourself with your Snapchat login, and then Google's. Even the app's developers are advised to log in with an alternative Google Account (you usually do not use).


Kaspersa is an attractive and alternative Snapchat client, mainly thanks to its useful features.

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