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Android 2.3 or later required

BeeTalk is a tool that resembles Tinder's. It allows you to connect with other people around you, as long as both people share some of the mutual interest.


In fact, BeeTalk works almost exactly the way Tinder has that. You'll see a profile photo with a person's age, and you indicate that you are interested or that you do not have to move your finger to the left to the left.


Once you've swiped the right profile, you have to wait for another person to do the same. When two people swipe to the right, you can start talking using a private chat.


Just like Tinder, BeeTalk will show you the profile of your closest people. If other users are few meters away, it will show you those users However, if the closest person is 500 kilometers away, then, well, it will show you that person.


BeeTalk is a very interesting tool to allow you to meet people, and it allows its users to comfortably and easily interact with each other.


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Free 2.3.3 BT Mobile Private


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