Google Calendar

Google Calendar

6.0.32-245911192-release for Android
Google Inc
Never forget an important date again

Google Calendar is the official Google Calendar tool, it lets you note a date or event on your virtual calendar, and then you will receive a notification when it is close to the selected date.


The best part of Google Calendar is that, like all Google apps, it lets you synchronize with the remaining services provided by this internet giant. The results you can easily and quickly create notes and events, plus you will never miss an appointment anymore.


Among the options provided by Google Calendar, you get the option of customizing specific events by using different colors, or sending an email to everyone participating in the event. For example, you can make sure that every member of the office receives a reminder email on an important meeting day.


Google Calendar is an essential application for an Android device user, and usually includes them all by default. Never forget anything ever again.

Microsoft pulls the plug into sunrise calendar and migrates to Outlook's features

One of the most used, non-Google Android calendars is always a sunrise calendar, a smart host, which was loaded and acquired by Microsoft in exclusive design in February 2010. Naturally, for the acquisition of this company, the company's plans were discontinued to combine features within its own tool, the service has arrived, the day has arrived, and as of Wednesday, the sunrise calendar will no longer work and make the way for its successor. This is a perfect moment to check out the calendar options available for Android.

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