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Share your day with pictures

Snapchat is an application through which you can communicate with your friends using only photographs that they can watch for a few seconds, which they disappear for ever, without any traces of your phone.


The way the application works is simple: Take a picture, if you want, add the image, select the time the image can be found, and send it to you at any time. It's that simple


As a safety measure to see the receiver's images, their applications will need to be installed. If they take a screenshot of the picture, you'll get a notification so that you know whether or not they sent your image.


Snapchat is a main purpose, you might guess, send risqué photos for a small number of contacts. Why? As such, in this way, the receiver can see the image but it will not be able to keep it. Or, if they try to take a screenshot, you'll still know.


Snapchat is a useful application to quickly, easily, and apparently to interact with your friends. At the end of the day, why do you send text when you can clean yourself instead of a single photo?

Snapchat tries to bridge the gap with Instagram with new features

The look of the Instagram story has greatly shocked the social network world. Especially an application has suffered severe damage: Snapchat has passed users that have been hacked after users that nicked the invention that Android Animation content has created performance snapshot of content applications. A rebound effort, hopes that Snapchat has just rolled up a supper dancer, hoping it will help gaps off now and yawning off in its rivals.

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Snapchat comes a new story revamped with search engines

Snapchat popularity has been isolated by bit by the time, due mainly due to its features appropriation by other social networks - although the application's annoying UI has helped a lot, otherwise. They work to upgrade applications for a better time and announce a new feature that it can give a breath of new life better: a new search engine for public news.

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Facebook messenger now has filters and masks for your photos

If there is an app but new features are added to Yin Yang - it's Facebook Messenger. A few days ago, we saw the new instant game feature, and we're back with news of some of the improvements that must be turned around. Includes filters, masks, and bells and cities to add new in-app camera functions to your photos. Now, not all that familiar sound, is it? << Nimse>>

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