Facebook for Android
The excellent social network always on your Android device

There is a version designed for Facebook, Social Network Performance, especially Android portable devices.


The options are actually the same as the computer version, with small spaces, you can not play most video games that come together on Facebook.


Together with the games, you can have all the information of your friends and acquaintances at your fingertips, view your wall, upload and download pictures, change your status, leave comments and leave a ton of other comments that can carry around your pocket.


Facebook for Android is an indispensable application for the most popular social network users in the world. It lets you always use it anywhere, anywhere and anytime.

Facebook now lets you search for free Wi-Fi from the app

Facebook has recently launched a new functionality for its feature-driven smartphone applications: Find WiFi on Facebook a map that shows all nearby places with WiFi connections. Now there is one more interesting feature that is now available to all users of the application.

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Facebook now lets you search GIF for comments

Most social networks and chat apps end up building GIF searches on their options. These days all cool kids are responding to all the stripes messages with a normal GIF, and the applications and sites make it easier than ever. The latest Facebook Facebook to jump over this bandwidth of GIF Of course, they took enough time, but it is finally in us.

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Get new things for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all April

We started our new month with some new features in the world's most popular social networks. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have all received a variety of updates to their sites and Android applications, in some cases, how to make a drastic change on how we will communicate

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