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Ebooks are more and more common in reading lover, and many people are taking advantage of special devices designed for them. Still, paying for another piece of hardware is not always the most enticing concept.


Kindle for Android has come here to solve this problem, because it will be e-book format for Kindle from your smartphone. And you do not have to buy a Kindle to use it.


The program already syncs with your Amazon account to download any eBooks you have purchased. Once you have downloaded a book to your smartphone, you can use notes and virtual bookmarks, as well as copy the font size and the number of words to enjoy your reading experience as much as possible


If you have a Kindle, then the project for Android can be synchronized with that device so that you can choose any book you have closed, but it does not matter which machine you are using to read.

The leading applications for reading eBooks in Android

Every year on 23 April, it is the perfect occasion for the promotion of literacy and reading as a hobby - World Book Day. Although, at such times, it seems that people are moving more quickly, opting for ad hoc content to move across web pages, opposing reading whole books. In any case, this year, 400 years after the death of Miguel de Cervantes, the day before the World Book Day. As the most significant reference to Spanish literary prose history, we have chosen to celebrate its talent by bringing ten best eBook apps for Android. In these applications, you can read, download, catalog and collect books from the comfort and convenience of mobile technology.



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