Requires Android 4.1 or higher

KineMaster is a video-editing tool that combines a well-designed design interface with a great user experience and a wide range of powerful features so you can create videos you create so that you can


KineMaster is very easy to use: Select the video that you want to add to your video and you want it and add a title to the final compose. Next, you can choose the overall theme for your video, which will add a role. All this will do to you ... But, of course, you can edit more depth if you want.


Although it's a little more complex, KineMaster lets you edit videos directly from the timeline, it lets you add different types of infections across video pieces (photos or videos) and even text or subtitles blocks.


When you finish editing, KineMaster lets you save your features directly to your device at different times. And, of course, you can upload videos directly to your Facebook or YouTube account.


KineMaster is an easy but powerful video-editing tool. Although you can use it to create a video within a few seconds, if you want to spend a little more time on them, it can create many detailed projects.

KineMaster: A complete video editor for your smartphone

The transformation of the digital video recording has involved total changes in conversion. The recording film used as a well-off domain, as recording and developing 35mm (and derivatives) came in a ridiculously high cost. But the appearance of the digital format has changed everything. Anyone can record a short time, combine together and export a video. And now you can do it from your smartphone, with KineMaster being an excellent video editor option for Android systems. Surely the icon like Griffith and Eisenstein will appreciate this.

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