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Youtube is the largest and most popular video hosting of millions and videos, where millions of new video clips are uploaded every day, millions of world websites, home-official applications.


From the official app, you can quickly access all featured featured videos, as well as search videos that interest you faster; All of the features that are fully adapted for the touch screen, which include shortcut applied to your fingers using simple movements.


The most striking feature of the YouTube app is that it allows you to play videos in the background. This means that you can listen to a song, for example, doing something else on your device. Plus, you can just stop any video by swiping your finger on the screen.


Official applications from YouTube are other interesting features that you can send videos from your Android to your Television via a Chromecast device, and you can do even search directly from the full voice app.


YouTube for Android shows a very useful app for anyone watching YouTube videos, and it is more convenient to access apps than browser. In fact, YouTube is an app that is recommended for an Android device user.

Now a YouTube user can broadcast live video

Up to now, the YouTube account that has more than 1,000 subscribers can broadcast live video. In addition, if you monetize your channel, this number has increased by more than 10,000. Thankfully, they support it and can no longer broadcast live with no restrictions on the number of users.

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How to enable new restricted mode on YouTube

YouTube has already received a parental control mode, but it is true that most people these restrictions are virtually inappropriate for the littlest kids which contain virtually any content that blocks it as too much. To provide a less robust alternative, they have launched a new limited mode, which automatically hides the content according to the user's accuracy.

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YouTube has added fast rewind and fast-forward gestures to recent app updates

YouTube videos can move freely in their smartphone app, it can be honest. Although an alternative has been added before you choose a proper place in the video, it does not always work that good. Thankfully, the latest application updates have reminded our poor users and added gesture controls to quick-forward or rewind easily via clips.

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