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Facebook Messenger

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The official Facebook Messenger App

Facebook Messenger is an official Facebook application that lets you text conversations with all your friends on popular social networks. Thanks to this app, you can send and receive text messages in conversations that you can continue on your computer later.


With other instant messaging applications, Facebook Messenger lets you share pictures or your location in text messages; You can even open a few recipients and chat windows with many people at the same time. Each conversation is then kept in a bubble which you can conveniently go around on your device screen.


Every time you receive a message on Facebook, you can configure Facebook Messenger for receiving sound and vibrating alerts, and even react to simple text messages (on the phone phone), if you want to talk to the person, there is no Facebook (or log) To do it). Plus, you can make voice voice calls from the app itself.


The most interesting thing about Facebook Messenger is its stickers collection, which allows you to personalize your conversations. These funny images are similar to the classic line giant Ecototics, and they really help bring your conversations to life.


Facebook Messenger really will come really easy on anyone using regular Facebook (which is probably all about). Thanks to this application you can contact with your friends at any time and at any time.

By Alvaro Toledo

Messenzer's Instant Games adds new games and features

Last year we got Instant Games on Facebook Messenger. The idea is to argue who can best score with your peers, but the problem is that it was not available worldwide. No more, though: Instant games are now spread all over the world.

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Facebook Messenger now lets you share your live location

Facebook Messenger is still left, right and center to duplicate every week or center's features. Last week we got emoji feedback and mentioned chat, and now there is a new addition which works as controversial: you can share your location in real time.

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Facebook messenger adds feedback and mentions in chat

Facebook Messenger is one of the most important chat applications and is fighting a permanent turf with WhatsApp and a smaller amount wire. The tactic of protecting itself from the usual efforts of Messengers has been to launch new features every few weeks. Although recent links to invisible posts have become a debate, there are two new bits for today to decorate your chats: Emoji-based feedback and group chats are the option to mention people with pings.


You must have a Facebook account in order to use Facebook Messenger... which is really quite reasonable.

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