Google Tasks

Google Tasks

1.6.252998808.release for Android
Google Inc.
Google's own official task app

Google Tasks is an official Google app designed to make task management faster and easier than ever. In seconds, check the status of the task for your running process, edit and manage all your to-do lists, just log in with your Google account.

Creating a new task in Google Tasks is very easy. First, you need to set the title of your work and apply all the details involved. Then you add a deadline and that's it. There's no sweat added to the sub-tasks, and you can add as you need. Once you've finished a task, just tap it to mark it as finished.

Google Task is a comfortable task management application. All you need to know is a Minimalist in front of you, but set up via a functional interface. Also, all your projects are automatically synced to your device, and you can access your work from one of them by simply logging in. Now you will always know where you are with a project and take pleasure in satisfying the completed task list.
Written by Erica Okumura

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Requires Android 4.1 or higher.

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