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Google Search is an application for internet search from your Android smartphone. Using it is easy to use as your query on your microphone, select a photograph of your phone, or simply enter your question in the search bar.

Google Search features include personalized results based on your location. The application automatically identifies you in the world where you locate and tailor the results to find the most interesting information related to your location.

For example, if you search for 'weather' or 'attractive museum', Google Search will first show you results related to those cities where you are. Of course, you can choose this option even if you want to ignore the position for normal results.

Google Search is one of the apps that should not be without Android. Everything you want to ever search is right at your fingertips.
By Erica Ocumura
Here are the best virtual assistants available on Android
Virtual Assistants are no longer curious, and now have gathered in our daily lives thanks to the recognition of voice enhancement and enhancing the integration of external services. Nowadays there are companies that are trying to get pies in this unusual area, which was established in 2017 as an effective function for all levels of users. Android is one of the most influential platforms for these services, so we're going to run some of the most popular virtual assistants and comment on their most interesting aspects.

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