Google Play Services

Google Play Services

17.1.21 (000300-245070773) for Android
Google Inc.
An indispensable app for keeping your apps updated

Google Play Services is an Android app that ensures that the rest of your apps are up-to-date. It makes it by constantly testing that it has the latest available version of all installed apps

With Google Play services, you can authenticate Google services, synchronize your contacts, access the latest user privacy settings, and use high-quality location-based services that use less power.

In addition to all these, Google Play services enhances overall experience using your device. It lets you search offline, gives you more accurate maps, and improves the gaming experience by optimizing the RAM.

Other Google Play Options options allow you to manage all of your applications (not necessarily installed on your), place location settings, and manage your Google Fit account.

Google Play Services is an essential application for any device with an Android operating system. Without it, many other apps might start the problem
By Laura Del Pino

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Free 17.1.21 (000300-245070773) for Android Google Inc.


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