2.2.075 (
Google Inc.


Requires Android 4.1 or higher

Messenger is the official instant messaging app from Google, designed to replace the old app that manages to manage your texts.


Unlike Hangouts, new messengers only manage traditional text messages (SMS). So this does not include chat sent through Google Instant messaging tools, just daily texts.


Although it only works with sms, but messenger includes some new and interesting features. For example, you can block any number from the app so that you no longer receive text from them. Similarly, you can set up when you do not want to receive any text messages.


The most notable change is that, like the previous text management app, the messenger interface is very cleaner and more elegant. And you can even use it to send photos and videos directly to your contacts.


Messengers comes with a great tool and quality Google Seal to send messages, assuring them when managing sensitive content such as text messages.


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