Happy Chick

Happy Chick

1.7.9 for Android
Xiaoji Studio
The emulator of emulators

If you want to play classic games and want to restore your favorite games directly to other Android platforms, Happy Seek is the best option. This app is capable of emulating any platform that you can imagine. Download the game for any console and use Happy Chick with them.


The main attraction of Happy Chik is that you can download games directly from its catalog, so you do not have to use a different tool to download files that can not work. When you finish a search, depending on the game you get a long list of options. Before starting the download, you can make it available for the platform, so that you are always sure that you are downloading the right game.


This app is capable of imitating playstation 1, 2 or 3, ninathan 64, mam, nintendo DS, psp, games and virtually any other console in the market. Plus, this lets you download Android games through its own server This emulator pack lets you enjoy all the classic games you can enjoy Happy Cookie Find Games, Follow the Screen, and connect it via Bluetooth to Oceren Control with a controller Makes it easy to do

Happy Chuck: Sure ammeter bundle for Android

Classic cones can be good to imitate, in a technical sense, as easy as pie. But it does pick some specific programs, install a beautiful rom in a specific folder, and bring some logical barriers to setting all graphics and compatibility features. Good luck is a free hit out of the legal circuit and it is an integer offer for emulators and a huge list of games for their different server consoles, locally downloaded.

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Free 1.7.9 for Android Xiaoji Studio


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