Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

1.102.0 for Android
Skate at full speed and escape the police

Subway Surfers is a platform / action game with a mechanic similar to mechanical runs, where you can flee to the police at a dangerous and apparently abandoned train station, the trains cross the full speed. You must be careful!


Unlike the Temple Run, you do not control your character with the accelerometer in the subway surfer. Instead, swiping your finger across your screen will remove your characters in three 'lines'. Of course, you can jump over obstacles and rolls on some other smuggling grounds. You can use different gadgets like jetpacks or skateboards to help you in your everlasting race.


If you want to expect this kind of game, there are various missions where you can get the coins to buy upgrades. There's nothing new to this, but it's still fun.


Graphics of subway surfers are impressive. So many times it will be long in the terminal that it is not very powerful. It is true, character model and posture are a practical behavior.


Subway Surfers is a very fun game with a simple and addictive mechanic. This keeps you close to the screen for hours while trying to kill the records of your friends, which you can check on the Internet.

Bleed Blades, a new release to create subway surfers

Although iOS releases at the end of last year, the new game created in the subway surfers has not yet been found in Android. Bleam's blades are also an endless runner, but this is one of the coolest aesthetics and the best headlines in this sub-section, easily easily arranged gameplay.

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Free 1.102.0 for Android Kiloo


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