Dead Target

Dead Target for Android
VNG Game Studios
End the zombie outbreak that's destroying the world

Dead technology is located in the middle of a cosmic world war III, where you are the only survivor of a magic attack. You must exterminate all the undead that you look on the planet, trying to find some sign of life that will help you rebuild the planet.


In this first person game you will feel the terror of the most perfect terrible Zambia attack. Find the first aid toy to recover your magic wounds if you do not want to get yourself one up in one of them. If you want to be the best of super-warriors in Dead Test, you have to answer and answer your exams: A wrong move will expel you from the mysteries of the militant waves that do not want anything more than separating you.


For your survival you will get the weapons that can be upgraded across your nation, as long as you shoot certain points of zombies, your goal is to be good, you can earn more money and spend up to upgrades and other strengths for your next mission.

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Free for Android VNG Game Studios


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