Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

1.6.9g for Android
Iron Man soars the skies again, this time on Android

Iron Man 3 is an action game that follows the history of the Iron Man franchise, Tony Stark's shoes will again bring us back to the thrilling Merkel to fight with the most powerful villains in the universe.


The game will take us to three different locations where we will be able to fight against many enemies: Maliba, New York and China. Because each level at this position has an infinite number, this randomly generates each time we start a game.


Apart from our missions, as well as normal enemies, we will not face any problems, we may also like Crimson Dynamo, Egele Stain, Living Laser or a powerful MOD. Who However, Mandirin, the film will not be there on her archenemy.


In addition to playing and earning money, we will be able to disable new armor for iron people. There are 18 different arms in which we can find ordinary people like Mark 22 and 42, and see as iron Patriot as spectacular as possible.


Iron Man 3 - Official game is a very interesting action game in the spectacular visual section (like all the great gameplay productions) and an addictive game system that will be in the storm for our hour when we will raise the currents of the various cities around us. Plus, it's totally free!

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Free 1.6.9g for Android Gameloft


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