Minecraft - Pocket Edition

Minecraft - Pocket Edition

A portable version of Minecraft for Android

Minecraft Pocket Edition (demo) is a portable version for the Android handset, which gives the complete freedom to the computer, despite its not all features of its image. And the best thing: it comes with a control system that is fully adapted for the touchscreen.


The possibility of offering this paperback version is slightly lower than its desktop brother. In this demo version of the game, instead of just blocking 36 types available, you only get 18. Yet, you can still freely create thousands of different structures.


The main error of this demo version of Minecraft Pocket Edition will not be stored in these games sessions. This means that when you start playing the next time everything in the world will disappear.


Minecraft Pocket Edition (Demo), for the moment (it will be updated from time to time) Minecraft is a version with less features than we all know and love. Gradually though, this version will be more and more complete.

[E3 2017] Android Minecraft players will soon be able to play with PC gamers

This E3 microphone has seen several bits of news - a key one being the upcoming option for integrating all versions of the single "entity" game. This does not mean that gamers can share servers with Windows 10, iOS, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and VR devices, while pocket versions for Android play.

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In 2015 Minecraft: still plenty of life left in it

It may appear that the trill is cold and Minecraft's fragrance is waning, but in fact there is nothing else to be true since the acquisition of Maijang (creator of Mineax Studios) of Microsoft $ last year, the numbers continue to stack: for PC and Mac versions 20 million digital copies sold and more than 30 million pocket versions, there is no recent mention Indoja launched a new version for 10 and its interconnection between platforms. Without counting those who play the free version, the number of Minecraft purchases is now topped in Spain or the total population of Colombia

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Minecraft - Pocket Edition 2.0.0 Mojang