Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2

2.0.4 for Android
Spectacular battles in feudal Japan

Shadow Fight 2 is a 2D fight game where players try to defeat the enemies themselves in the arms with arms loaded with different weapons who control a shadow fighter.


Shadow Fight 2 will show you all kinds of enemies during the adventure, each with its own appearance, images, and behavior. You will come across very aggressive opponents who constantly attack you and others who will expect your mistakes.


You can buy and use dozens of different weapons and spells, even though you can fight fits just to use your legs and fist to attack your enemy at Shadow Fight 2. Swords, axes, truncheons, fire spells ... everything works to win a war.


The battle system for Shadow Fight 2 is much different from most of the 2D war games. To control the shadow, your hero, you have to use a joystick that lets you move all the sides. In addition, depending on where you have the joystick when you press the attack button, you will have to do different movements.


Shadow Fight 2 is a 2D fight game with fantastic graphics where both stand out both its aesthetics and character animation. A large number of enemies and weapons are loaded by different types of game.


Needs at least 93 MB of free space on the device's memory


Requires Android 3.0 or higher

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License Version Developer
Free 2.0.4 for Android Nekki


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