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Google Maps

10.15.1 for Android
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All the maps of the world in your pocket

Google Maps is available at Android and Google offers all the usual features of the service, as well as adds a GPS feature which makes it impossible to get lost in a big city. In fact, in Google Maps and GPS, it can be impossible to get lost anywhere in the world.


As for such applications, you need to be connected to the Internet through 3G to download maps in real time. You can use GPS functions to view your location as you move.


According to the number, Google Maps has more than 200 countries information and maps, public transport information in more than 15,000 cities and more than 100 million site details. Yeah, well, 100 million


Its included in many options, Google Maps allows you to plan a destination and to plan smaller routes from it by way of different means of transportation. For example, you can ask the application to find the fastest route using public transportation, or you can search for the best routes by foot.


Google Maps is an essential application for an Android user who likes to travel ... or just leave home. Thanks to this application, it's almost impossible to lose the only problem is that once you use it, you will not be able to live without it.

How to use Local Guides in Google Maps

Local Guides are Google's many services that are not particularly widely known. Slopped under the map, this is a panel from which you can see your business ratings and photos that Google has contributed over time. In order to pay for all this content, the so-called Local Guides System makes a lot of contribution if you contribute a lot.

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The best free android app for camping run

The good weather shows its shy face, hikers come out to play. Camping - Backcountry or Campfreende - one of the most interesting activities of the season. Whether you are away from the civilization in the beach or the mountain, it is always nice to help you with your smartphone from your smartphone, geo-location services, weather, battery storage, or basic treatment advice.

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How to share your location in real time with Google Maps

One of the most recent updates to Google Maps brings a very useful feature: an alternative to sharing your location with other people in real-time with the application. Plus it can be viewed as web version as well. Here we explain how to use it.

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