2.1.3 for Android

AutoRap is an application that will tell you everything you need to create in real wrap, which sounds like rapping your words.


Your slow "rapiffy" has two basic ways: you'll be able to use "freestyle" where you create a unique and exclusive word, or you can use the most popular rap song basel from Snoop Dogg, Nikki Minaz, Eminem, Outcast, or Nelly


To record these songs, you need to record in your microphone on your mobile device and press the corresponding button to start talking (it is very important that you speak loudly and clearly, but generally). When you do this, the app will start your voice process, it will take a few seconds to finish a rap song for you.


AutoRap is a fun application that will allow you to create high quality rap songs that you can use to print and laugh at your friends. Did you always want to be a rap star? Now you can

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