7 Best Blogging Communities & Their Benefits

Traffic? Traffic?? Traffic??? The very first word used when we start tweet or simply talk about “Blogging“. Is it WRONG??Now as a blogger you must be aware about traffic and its value in your blogging career. Traffic is a Golden Key to make your blog successful.  No doubt that Social Networking sites play the various role in blog traffic but not as heavy. Social networking and bookmarking sites are always be the basic tip to drive traffic but now a days Blogging Community also played a Cheat Sheet Role to drive massive traffic.

There are lots of blogging communities online but you choose the Best one. So today I’m going to reveal some blogging communities from where you not only get so serious referral traffic to your blog but also get quality back links by sharing your blog post. These Blog Communities not only use to get traffic, back links! You have to score or build Backlinks from a High PageRank website and High Domain Authority Website & Most of the blogging communities have High PageRank website and High Domain Authority .

>What are Blogging Communities?

Blogging Communities is a place where you can meet with your like bloggers, share each other posts and build relationship with others. In simply, they known as “International Social Networking” which drives quality traffic, Backlinks with a High PR & DA. All the Blogging Communities main goal is help newbie’s whose are struggle to get a quality traffic from a trusted DA and give them maximum exposure every post and help to build strong relationship between bloggers.

Q. What are the Benefits of joining to Blogging Communities?

Blogging communities can benefit you in several ways like:

  • It will increase your blog traffic.
  • By get traffic from various way it will Improve your Alexa rank in short time.
  • Get high quality Backlinks.
  • Help for rank high in search engine to get more organic traffic
  • Increase your blog Domain Authority by Sharing your blog post in the community
  • You can meet other blogger and build relationship with them.
  • You can learn your Mistakes from other Posts.
  • Get new idea for your new post.
  • Meet a lot of active pro bloggers and learn from them.
  • Build a good readership with them with is gives your blog a strong Impression.

I make a list of Blogging Communities as per my Own Experience . So, Here are they,

#1) Indi Blogger :

There are some blogging communities in India but Indi blogger is the Best one. It’s an Indian Blogging communication and mostly all from India obviously.

★Somed Features:

  • It’s Free to join.
  • They will manually verify your blog after submission and take 1-2 days for Conform.
  • If your blog look ugly or some adult site are linking then you are Rejected. They have some unique features like Indi Vine, Indi Rank for Ranking,Indispire for Articles, Nidiform and much more
  • A very fast way to meet other Indian Bloggers and their Blogs.
  • Because its a local Blogging Community so this helps to Rank higher in the Local search Engines like Rank higher in India region Search Engines.

#2) Kinged :

Kingged.com blogging community site designed not only get traffic but also get some valuable comments from different regions and get do-follow/ no-follow links also. Its the highest growing Blogging Community now a days.

Some Features:

  • Free to Join
  • Join Manually & verify your domain, your first comment and first post. and confirm that you are not a spammer.
  • CommentLUV+ enable blogging Community. So that when ever you comment you get a backlink to your post.
  • Drives good traffic like other communities.
  • Helps in-directly to get higher in Ranking.
  • Arrange some Giveaways like: daily blog commenting cash giveaways, etc..

#3) Manage :

An advance way to share your WordPress post. All pro and expert blogger use this blogging community for sharing there WordPress  posts.

Some Features:

  • Free to join.
  • Advantage of working with all pro WP bloggers.
  • Can drive a massive traffic.
  • You can vote, comment for gain more Karma.
  • It also help rank higher in particular WordPress post in Different Search Engines.

#4) Inbound :

Inbound.org is a professional community. Your first  post should be approved by moderator team.

Some Features:

  • Free to Join.
  • A famous & biggest blogging community.
  • Used by many pro blogger.
  • Your Posts Can easily go top of google search.
  • You need more up votes to get top.
  • Because its a professional community so it much possible to rank higher in search engines also.
  • You can place disscuction, Add polls etc.

#5) Klink :

Another powerful Blogging Community. It founded by Erik Emmanuel.(As the Record Says).

★Somed Features:

  • Free to Join
  • Direct Post after sign up as know as automated Submission.
  • Drives Good Traffic.
  • You will got a Do-follow link, which helps your posts rank higher in Google.

#6) Bizsugar :

Bouguer is another Blogging Community.  It’s a community to exchange or show your valuable post to others.

★Somed Features:

  • Free to Join.
  • Post after sign-up.
  • 24 hr to submit a post.
  • Comment or vote the posts for up and locate in the main page.

#7) Others:

There are so many Blogging Communities, so in other part in this list you can see a list of premium, Targeted traffic communities:

i. BlogEngage :

This is a premium blogging community. This is the most popular and most discussed blogging community. More than 5k active members and founded by Brian Belfitt in 2007 ( As per record say :P).  This community can drive a  real and massive traffic, But the Problem is i never try this because this is a Premium community. You can try because there are a lots of Positive review towards this .

ii. DoSplash:

This is a new blogging community founded by Jane sheeba from ProbloggingSucess. Similarly works as other blogging Communities working. Its can drive a specially Targeted Traffic for your blog.

iii. BlogAdda :

Boada is another and second biggest Indian blogging community. Working as like all other communities works.

So, here is some massive, targeted traffic generator, valuable comment and increase traffic Blogging communities. Hope this list helps you :)

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