5 Key Things You Need To Know Before Your Blog Goes Live

Now a days so many new bloggers move to wordpress for make the blog successful and brandable. Its quite easy but before you getting stared you must be focus on below 5 Important thing.

Here are some Important things to check before your Blog goes live:

5 Important Key Things You Need To Know Before Your Blog Goes Live – TechSabat

#1. Compatibility:

Its first. Why? After lunch a new blog, you must be check that you template is Responsive and work in all modern Browsers?

  • Softest your website in other computers (if happen) as well as multiple browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc.
  • Test your blog on mobile devices like phones and tablets to see how it looks in the smaller screen view.

Note: If you are a WP user then you can Use Pouch For how it looks in the smaller screen view.! 

#2: Speed:

Because Speed Matters! Did your Blog is speedy? In this time everyone like their blog open much faster then a zip.  You better make sure that your blog’s load-speed is fast. If your blog is too slow to load, visitors will move on. In a speed Network an avg. blog open in 3-4 seconds. But If a site takes more than 10 seconds to load, no user is going visit your blog. You may be check you speed Here: Pingo Tool OR Matrix to sure that your blog is fast enough.!

#3. Navigation:

Try navigating all around your blog and make sure that navigation is easy to use, fully functional and Friendly. Check that each and every page is loading correctly. ie. Use all Nessery pages like :

  • About Me
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Contact Me
  • Sitemap etc. & Posts also!

And Don’t forget to test your breadcrumbs. 

#4: Link, Image & Colour:

Now check your all links to make sure there are no broken links or Dead pages. They are important because its gives you backlinks, make your blog SEO friendly and gives the proper data the visitor. So, yyou must check them all.
Now Test that all your images are loading properly. Use Lazy Load or other kind of Plugins for load images faster and use less bandwidth(If you use WP)
Also check the colour and font you use in you blog. They mustn’t irritating the visitors.

#5. Content:

Now the last one and the final one is your Content. The content what you are going to write before it make sure that:

  • Is your content what you going to write is Original?

Remember: Search Engine Bots don’t like Duplicate content. They not listed your site in their search results.

  • The spellings and Grammar is Correct? Check this always.
  • Giving importance to Blod, Syntax, Heading, etc.

After this you need the preview of what is your post is. Read the post and find where you do your mistake.

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So Checking your site & make sure that all correct and getting all the fixes done before the post goes live. However day by day all ae changing quite strongly; so make sure that you also reserve your site and ready to go.

This is all about Important Things that you have must done before your blog goes Live.

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