4 ways to Find Which WordPress Templates Is Being Used By A Blog

After setup WordPress in your Host, now its time to select a theme for WordPress. But this is a seriously a difficult task. if you search in Google you find the endless search results. So, in this post i will tell you the trick that you can find out what the WordPress theme is used by your followed blog.

>How to find  Wordpress Theme ?

There are so many times when you visit some blog & the theme is perfectly suits your niche, but how to find out the name of that theme ??
Here you can find:

1. Using 3rd Party Detectors:

This is the easiest method for anyone to find the name of the WordPress theme. There are some online WP theme detectors where you just add the URL of WordPress blog and they will tell you the theme name.
For Personal use i use 2 theme detectors named as:

You just have to put the WordPress Url there & you find the Theme name!

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2.Check the source file:

This the another quick and easy for every blogger find out the theme name. just refight click the mouse and select >View page source. Once you open a page’s source, search for “wp-content/themes” (without the quotes :P). Now Search Google in this theme and Download it!!:)

3.Saw the Footer layout:

You can see the theme will be mentioned right there in the footer of the blog. Example, you will see this:

4.Contact the Author:

You can always contact the blog owner, and ask him in about which theme he is using. In most of all some bloggers answer this type of questions :)

For this Blog i am using Genesis Framework by StudioPress & a child theme named as Magazine Pro.

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